Development path

Al Husam Group has experienced a number of developments since its inception.


1977 - 2000
Company foundation, structured internal development and focus on growth
Establishment of Al Husam General Contracting in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Development of company portfolio and know how
Growth of team
Focus on increase in annual revenue
Development of in-house capabilities and resources
Diversification of business: Establishment of Al Husam Trading and associated transport companies
Expansion of operations to include the wider GCC and Lebanon


2000 - 2008
Horizontal expansion via specialization in diversified industries and formation of beneficial partnership and alliances
Specialization of services to provide turnkey solutions across industries
Core focus on construction: Establishment of joint ventures and alliances with specialized companies wanting to expand into the GCC
Establishing offices in Bahrain
Further development and enhancement of internal resources: Streamlining processes and procedures
Achievement of AED 1.6 billion turnover


2009 - Present
Qualification attained to handle mega-size projects, plus expansion via strategic alliances with international corporations
Implementing SAP across the Group
Establishing offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Erbil, Iraq
Forming joint ventures and strategic alliances with major international companies
Achieving Group qualification for projects of AED 500 million & upwards
Further diversification into hospitality and management consultancy